It is easy to conceive good ideas but not so easy to put into practice those ideas. To put practical shape to such ideas, you require good intention, patience and dedicated human beings. Dubai was growing at phenomenon speed during 1980’s and many of Gujarati felt the need to have a common platform to express their feelings, to interact and keep our culture alive outside India. That dream could take shape only in late 1987 with the help of a few determined people having passion to work for the society on honorary basis. That determination and eagerness resulted in Gujarati Samaj –Dubai being borned in late 1987. The first working committee was established in early 1988 and since then it grew in numbers and is being managed by democratically elected committee formed every two years.

The broad objective of Samaj is to provide socio cultural link to home country. It gives an opportunity to their members to interact and share their experiences, share happiness or stood by at the difficult time with the fellow members of society. It is also very active in helping people in distress and victims of natural calamities back home.

Gujarati Samaj invites artists from various fields to arrange drama, dayaro, music show, poetry session, cultural talk etc. It honors literary legends from Gujarat and arranges talk show on deep-rooted traditions and Indian culture. It organizes local competition among members to encourage talents in different fields such as dance, singing, musical instruments, sports, cooking etc. Samaj arranges outings for members to be familiar with different destination within and outside UAE. These get-together or picnics becomes an occasion for members to mingle and know each other, enjoy the location and have business networking as well.

Today, Gujarati Samaj is one of the most active and known non-profit making social association, It has representation in the Non Resident Indians Welfare Committee constituted by Indian Consulate – Dubai, UAE. This is a platform from where average Indian’s problems are being tackled and solved as far as possible.
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